Colonoscopy on Oprah

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Yesterday, Monday, Oprah had Dr. Oz on and he had a patient that had a colonoscopy. They showed the actually procedure and what the doctor's look for.

Thought that was a good thing to do for awareness of colon cancer.


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    I watched it. I love Dr. Oz.

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    Yes, I saw that too. Hopefully it will prevent someone having to go through what we have been through. I remember when Katie Couric had her colonoscopy live on the Today show and I was so grossed out. I remember thinking "ewww, I'm not going to watch that". Now I wonder if I had watched it if I would have taken my "blood in the stool" more seriously.
    -Susan H.
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    I love Dr Oz too and always look and then record when he is on her show. I learn something every time. I thought it was very interesting that Dr Jon LaPook performed the procedure since he is Katie Couric's resident medical expert on the CBS nightly news (different network and you rarely see them crossing over!!!!). Made me wonder if he was her husband's doctor or her own doc.

    I enjoyed it and will now stop sending her emails about ignoring all the other cancers woman can get, other then Lance, she had only had breast cancer survivors on her show. Last week she had Kris Carr, the author of that great cancer tips books, Crazy Sexy Cancer (great for anyone with cancer)and that phenomenial man dealing with pancreatic cancer and then covered colon cancer this week. Heck I might even send her a thank you.

    Like Susan says, if it keeps one person from having to go thru what I have, it will be worth it. I have to say that cancerous polyp looked much like my rectal tumor did when I saw it during a flex sig (no drugs). I had allowed myself to forget what it looked like until yesterday.

    Lisa P.
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    I wish I had seen this (but, then, I have pics of my own tumor - have moved the cancer file to the back of the drawer, so that everytime I open it, it does not flop open to "that picture".

    I have had two friends (both under 40) tell me about seeing that show and realizing how vigilant they need to be and how if they have any symptoms they will demand a scope even if the insurance won't pay. They both say that hearing my story made Oprah's show more real to them.

    Meanwhile, it is so good that she is showcasing other cancers. Nothing wrong with all the work / research going into breast cancer - it's a great thing. But, people should not be led into a complacency that says if my breasts are fine (or if I don't even have breasts), then I have no cancer worries.

    Take care all,
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    unknown said:

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    My own sister, who is over 50 also has still not had her colonoscopy! She does not have any symptoms, but I don't understand why she would rather "not know", especially after what she has witnessed me going through! Maybe I can convince her over the holidays to go in and have one done!!