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My huband was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2006 when a large tumor was removed. Subsequently he received chemotherapy and, although his cancer was restaged from 3 to 4, he went into remission. He, however, developed several abdominal abscesses and infections. Last week, when the latest abscess was drained the radiologist found cancer cells. On Friday he had surgery and the surgeon removed a medium-sized tumor that was causing the abscess (from his small intestine). The surgeon was very upbeat about the fact that he had gotten the tumor out and that he saw no other signs of cancer in my husband's abdomen. He did say there could be microscopic cells and we would need to watch and treat those if that turns out to be the case. Our oncologist is also optimistic.

I'm writing this for several reasons. It helps me to "talk." (It is pretty much just me and my husband and I don't have a support network.) Also, I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has had this type of recurrence and knowing what their experiences were. Thank you.



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    It sounds very good that they got it out. Has your husband's oncologist discussed further chemotherapy? It seems like that is something they would do once he has healed enough from this last surgery. We will pray that your husband has no further recurrances.

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    I had surgery in April of 2005 dx stage IV. Cancer came back in my stomach in 2006. Again my CEA started to go up so I am now taking Xeloda and the onc believes it was back in my colon. So it isn't abnormal that he had a recurrence.
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    Hi Hatshepsut! I don't know what type of cancer your husband has, but my doctors have told me that adenocarcinoma has a very high recurrence rate. I think that is the most common type of colorectal cancer. I've also heard it's one of the most treatable cancers. I have not had a recurrence since i'm still being treated for original diagnosis, but i have found a lump in my breast, so hopefully i'm not getting spread as well!

    Please know that you've come to the right place here on this network. There are many people here in your same situation, and i'm finding that support is helping me tremendously.

    Oh, and i love your ID! Hatshepsut has always been my favorite Egyptian Pharoah. I was so happy when they found her mummy recently! I never thought they would.

    Many hugs,
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    Hi, I'm sorry that your husband had to go through another surgery and you also have to go through the "worry" again. It's good that the surgeon was upbeat and oncologist positive. Those are good signs. Keep the faith . Keeping you both in my prayers. Come here often for support. God Bless