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Thank you all for your replies on my last question, they were really helpful!
Seems that alot of us have gone back and forth between diahrrea and constipation which for me creates an excrutiating soreness to the point where I'm raw and bleeding when it comes to the diahhrea part. Can anyone recommend a cream that works as a protective barrier to protect against the intense burning of urine and stool? I've tried Calmoseptine and Desatin, neither of which create enough of a barrier.

Thank you so much!!


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    Yes, there is something called Skin Prep or Skin Barrier. They us it around colostomies, so as to not irritate the skin. Hopefully it's over the counter. If not try a medical supply store that sells ostomy supplies. Hope this helps!
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    Also there are skin barrier products which can be used. Bag Balm or Baza Clear (not cream) is good but may be slightly better than the Desitin.
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    When I got radiation, I had a TERRIBLE "sunburn" at my bum. The docs at MDAnderson told me to use Aquaphor (OTC lotion made by Eucerin). It is similar to vasoline, only a bit thicker. Maybe give it a try.. good luck. jana
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    I'm sorry for what you are experiencing. My husband had those same symptoms including "leaking or dripping" that lead to being raw and caused the bleeding. Sorry to say we didn't find anything better than the calmoseptine. It did get much better after he could get the diahrrea under control. The doctor at the Mayo clinic said he needed to completely empty out his colon once a day so that it wasn't constantly "leaking" through out the day. He recommended a laxative(we thought he was crazy at first considering that he was going all day the way it was)The laxative made him empty his colon in the morning and really lessened problems the rest of the day for the most part. The doctor said another alternative was to use an enema in the morning to empty out his colon. It really did make things easier and less painful for him.

    I'm not sure of your situation, so make sure you talk to your doctor about this first.

    Good Luck!!!
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    when i have had really bad problems, i have also done enemas. i got my own rectal tube and bulb syringe and use warm waters. i got it from a doc in italy and have not been able to get replacements in US hospitals but found some online when i googled rectal tube or enemas. just what you want, more things to put up your butt. but it has helped clean me out for a few hours. i also used boudreaux butt paste (baby diaper cream at TArget) or calmoseptine.
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    Plain old vaseline - works wonders!

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    Hi, MoonDragon

    I agree with Jana; I could not have gotten through my radiation treatment without Aquaphor. It is expensive, but worth it! My routine was to put it on everytime AFTER I used the bathroom, that way it was already in place and ready to protect me on the next go around (it is thick enough that it will stay in place between visits to the bathroom). An alternative is to put it on the toilet paper before you wipe/ pat if it is that part that is causing the irritation.

    Good luck to you!