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I am stage 3 dx 5-07, surgery, 7 of 12 iv chemo done, 5 of 28 radiation (with Xeloda) done. Last pet scan doc said was good, no signs of anything anywhere else. my questions are what happens after that. maybe i am planning my party to soon, but will that be it, get my port out and start living my life again? Will they be able to tell me I am NEDS?


  • Moesimo
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    It sounds like you already are NED. You should certainly plan your party. You have been through alot. You should have many parties. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    It has been over 4 years since my surgery for stage 3 rectal cancer. I have had many celebrations.

  • KathiM
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    stage III rectal, dx 12/04. I took myself to a spa 1 month after surgery (my chemo/rads were first). I left my port....turned out I used it for my breast cancer a few months later...

    BUT, in July of last year, I celebrated NED on both, and had my port removed in September, 2006.
    Just a small piece of advice...start WILL be a bit tired after all treatments are through....the cool thing is, given 'no signs anywhere else', you will have a lifetime to celebrate!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi Do,
    I just finished my 12 chemo treatments (last week) yea!! ( I didn't have to have rads). Will wait one month before I see Onc for test.

    I have learned, from all these wonderful people in here) that it takes time to recover. Of course, have your party. I haven't had mine, yet. Still deciding what to do.

    Just know that you will still get tired easily (for some time). Not trying to burst your bubble, just stating facts, mam! >>grin>>

    I'm going to ask , today, when I can get my port out cause I know I'll never need it again!

    Am so happy for you. Great feeling isn't it?

    All my best, for you, in the future!

  • hoagiemom
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    Just finished with chemo end of Aug. StageIII with 2 nodes.I had my party during labor day with friends and family and it was wonderful. It only gets better. I feel great and sometimes forget that I have cancer. My port is still in but hoping it comes out sometime in March. My onc likes two clean CT scan. I can't wait until that comes out. Start living and enjoy your NED.

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    I would certainly celebrate but as the others have said, start small until you get your energy back. Just wanted to inject a comment about the aftertreatment life. Your life will be just, or may be more so, enjoyable but will be different. We usually think that when treatment is done, and given a little period of time, that we will feel normal. However, the effects of the treatment, especially the fatigue, can last for much longer than we anticipate. In addition, we are so focused during the treatment period that when it is finished, we may lose some orientation and wonder, what is next. It takes a little time to recover the focus on "living". As for the port, everyone has a different opinion. My onc wants mine left in for two years after treatment and since it doesn't bother me that is fine. I do wonder, at times, if it could be a jinx.

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    I'm a stage 4. Scans were clear and I had my port removed under my onc's objection. I wish I would have kept it because I had a recurrence 4 months after and had to have another one put in. This one is staying until I'm NED for 5 years. However, you should celebrate!!! Plus you are a stage 3. Party on.