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Wanted to thank everyone for your info for my post on driving to and from chemo for my Mom. My sisters who live closer to my Mom have decided to each take a turn driving and staying with my Mom for the day of chemo. Thanks for the info! Take care and stay healthy.


  • KathiM
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    You are so welcome!

    Don't forget to tell them (mom and sisters) that they are welcome here, too!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I'm really glad that it has become a "Family Affair" as to transporting your mom to chemo. Bonding is always good~no matter what the circumstance! My family brought books to share,and a seemingly endess supply of Mad-Libs ,which made us think and act silly! Happy Healing to your mom, and as KathiM said, let your mom and sisters know we would be happy to meet them here!