low white counts- how to bring up?

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Hello all. My wife is now stage IV with lung mets. She is now on Folfiri (w/Avastin starting this week) and Neupogen to boost white blood counts which are extremely low. Her "normal" white counts are on the low side (also has slightly enlarged spleen). Are there specific supplements or diet modifications that are helpful in raising WBC's? All home remedies, urban myths, etc. appreciated! Thanks,



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    Any of the 'anti-oxidents'....the WBC is part of her immune system. It has been retarded with the chemo. I would imagine that, if she can tolerate it, these new immune system booster drinks could help (you DID ask for home remedies..lol). Any treatment to her pelvic bones (like radiation) can also suppress the white cell production.

    As always, check with her onc before starting the stuff I mentioned...one of mine said "NO!" to green tea, the other said "GREAT IDEA"!!! (I went with the green tea).

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi,I had the same problem, and the Neupogen worked to get them back up again.
    Didnt it work for her?
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    I see lots of posts with radiation as part of the treatment. My Onc says radiation isnt an option, but hasnt said why. I am wondering if it is an option. I am stage 4 with a big tumor on my liver. I dont see why they cant blast it.
    Anyone have radiation done to their liver?