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Hi all!
Just wanted to let you know I'm still around. Between recuperating from the brain surgery and an opportunity to get to RI for 4 days this past weekend I just haven't had the energy to respond, though I have tried to keep up with reading. To all those with the good news....Yippee!!!!!!!. To all those with bad news, hang onto hope and keep fighting as long as you can.

I'm on my way to see a video about sterotactic radiosurgery for the second brain tumor. Oh boy!
I see the onc next Friday to hopefully talk about the lung mets which i'm sure are growing since no treatment since June.
Holding you all in my thoughts.



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    I will continue to say prayers for you and let us know your thoughts on the video and the outcome of your 26 appointment.
  • sladich
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    Best of luck. I'll pray for good results!

  • betina61
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    Hi Mary,you are an incredible lady,I admire your fighting spirit it will get you to win this battle, I will continue to pray for you, please continue coming here,to keep us informed. hugs to you.
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    Mary, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and prayers for great results. Keep us posted. God Bless, Diane
  • Moesimo
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    You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I have been wondering how you are doing. I hope the w/e was a nice get a way. You had great weather.

    I hope that your surgery recovery is going well. I am sure it will take time to get your strength back.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    Hi Mary,
    And we are holding you in our prayers. Your strength and focus are awesome; keep up the good work.
    One of my co-workers had an unusual and aggressive lung cancer with brain mets. She and I just celebrated her 5 year NED mark.
    Stay strong, Judy
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    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You've been through so much and yet still you give so much support to others.

    Let us know how it goes.


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    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully your appointment with the oncologist goes well. Audrey