Neuropathy Revisited

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OK.......I hate to beat a dead horse! But in many respects, you guys give me more advise than my (supposedly) brilliant oncologist. I had 9 treatments of FOLFOX until April 16, 2006 when it was D/C'd because of increasing neuropathy symptoms. The neuropathy seemed to get ALOT worse after the treatments were D/C'd before it got better. Many of you said this had happened to you, although my oncologist thought it was something he had never seen. (Mind you......he is a colon cancer "mastermind" at a major medical center.) This September, the the tingling in my hands and feet remained, but the associated pain had begun to diminish remarkably. I was even able to "power walk" my dog, when a couple of months ago, I was struggling to just take her out for a walk. All of a sudden, 9 days ago, the painful neuropathy returned with a vengeance! I'm having trouble walking Maddie again because of the pain. I was at my oncologist's office today, and he said he has never seen it suddenly intensify like this. I racked ny brain as to what may be wrong: We had a sudden cold snap, after a rather summer-like weekend; I had just returned back to work after a week of vacation; plus, I found out that my husband has to have a bone marrow biopsy. They are suspecting multiple myeloma. Hmmmm: cold? work? stress? Has anyone else out there had a painful exacerbation of neuropathy, just when you thought you were on the mend?


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    OOps! My treatments ended in 2007, not 2006! Cheryl
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    It's hard to say why it would get worse. Mine isn't painful but did get somewhat worse when I stopped taking the B6 for 10 days. Has your weight changed? I think that can be a factor as well for some people. The stress doesn't help either and the cold could affect it as well. It should get better and less painful. I am about a year post chemo and have some numbness of the fingertips and a strange, stiff feeling of my left ankle but can live with it.

  • I too had a really rough time when temperature went really cold all of a sudden. I could hardly get out of bed. I have arthritis too, that contributes to the issues. My oncologist sent me to a physical therapist who also thinks I have some issues with my lymphatic system. I have been getting infusion and pt now for 6 cycles (glad I didn't get my port out. (finish Folfox on June 20, 2007) I haven't felt relief yet. I have been told it is a grueling, long process. My oncologist said until recently, neuropathy was thought of as the "trade off" of cancer treatment. He said he doesn't think that's the case any more, but each patient needs a different treatment to combat the neuropathy-lymphedema. Good issue gets worse and better depending on all the things you mentioned!!!