Clear Margins!

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Bob is doing very well recovering at home. I talked briefly with the surgeon when he was discharged as the surgeon was "in-between surgeries" and he told me that the pathology report showed CLEAR margins (WOOHOO!) He has an appointment back at surgeons to get the staples out (i think ) next week or to be checked to see when they can come out. We are waiting for oncologist to call now to discuss where we go from here. We are unsure about more chemo now. There was discussion before the surgery with the oncologist about what next after surgery. She mentioned the possibility of no chemo, possibly avastin only, maybe "some regular limited treatments" or the xeloda only depending on the outcome of the surgery. He has up to 3 months from last treatment (8/22) to make decision to go back on the clinical trial . He did 9 treatments up to the surgery and doing the research that i've done( yes i'm researching all the time lol)additional chemo at this point may or may not render any additional benefit. So we may have yet another hard decision to make but I am so happy that we are able to make it!. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless. Diane


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    That's great news. That should help in his recovery. The decision regarding further chemo is very difficult, especially as there are no clear answers. Keep doing your research, talk to your oncologist and consider getting an opinion from another oncologist. Whatever decision you and your husband make will be the right one.

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    The good news keeps on coming!!! Yea!!!

    I never had any chemo after surgery, all mine was before to try to 'shrink' the tumor on my rectum. Did the job so well...there was no cancer in anything they removed!!! But, then, I had squamous cell carcinoma...not it is VERY radio-receptive (was getting a cool rock station for awhile...rofl).

    Of course, I DID end up having chemo after surgery...for my breast cancer...6 months, as usual, I am ABSOLUTELY NO HELP!!!

    Go with your heart, after doing the research, and listen to his will say 'enough', if you decide to continue the chemo...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Great news Diane. Take care and enjoy each other.