FOLFOX + Erbitux (Cetuximab)

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I've been doing FOLFOX + Erbitux for 2 rounds (16 weeeks) now, and the big tumor on my liver
is still there. Not growing though. I've seen others talking about using the same chemos. So my question is how long did it take to start seeing some results?
Thanks :)


  • hopefulone
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    Hi, my husband was on a different regimen, xeloda, avastin and oxal and he had completed 9 treatments before having surgery last week. We didn't see any striking results til after the 2nd scan which was around the fourth treatment. Keep the faith. The fact that it hasn't grown any is a positive sign. It may take a little more time to see some shrinkage on your regimen . What has your ONC told you? Has there been any discussion about other regimens? Good luck and keep us posted . God Bless
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    The fact that it is not growing is great. Even if the drugs are extremely effective it takes time for the body to process the dying and dead cancer cells and further time for the changes to show on a scan. It is also possible that the tumor cells can die but the body may throw a capsule around it and thus the spot seen on the scan still remains. Be patient. There are some who have gone through the same thing and then had surgery and no tumor cells found in the spot that was removed.