we are not going to give up to this *&^^&^&*^*

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you know what that ( %^^&^%%$& ) means right ? I don't want to say the word because Jose ( cnn guy) will kick me out ! But anyways...I am starting an ALL ORGANIG diet tomorrow....yoga and massages..and if I have any money left Accupunture and vitamins ( Scouty..which one are you taking ? ).....I believe that God gave us our Body, mind and spirit for us to take care of it... You guys are my spirit....you give us all hope...my husband is my mind ( I have learned to be a better person)...he is that one that always tell me that I choose this live, to learn...and that I can take care of my body...( so my onco and myself will take care of " Me"... I am going to fight it till the year 2020..( I just like that year )and buy then , they will have a cure.....By the way, I am reading a book from Deepak Chopra...sounds soooo interesting....talks about instant remission etc...Lets take care of this ^*&*^&&
God bless


  • vinny3
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    That's the spirit. Fight the beast right out of your body. God is on your side.

  • KathiM
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    I KNEW you were a 'sister in arms'!!! So, the beast didn't learn it's lesson...time to beat it again!!! I am sending big 'uncle guido' tough guy vibes for the one/two punch!!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • Limey
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    Thats the way to face this bugger of a disease. I am taking USANA vitamins and minerals. fish oril, calcium, vit C. and some systemic enzymes for inflamation. I also take Floresence (flora) a blood cleaner. I do believe it is responsivle for my recent burst in energy and attitude. Quality vits are critical. e-mail me if you need spec sheets on Usana. I have a small warehouse in my pantry. http://products.usana.com/en/products/us/index.shtml?isRetail=1
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    You can do it Alta! That's the attitude you need to accomplish it. Keeping you in my prayers. God Bless
  • betina61
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    I am so happy to see that great attitude you have to keep fighting,that will make the diference, with your spirit and a lot of prayers from us,you will win the battle again. Lots of hugs.