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does anyone know about alternative treatment instead of radiation.


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    In the case of chordoma, the only disease I have experience of, the ony thing that slows progression is proton beam radiation. I have never heard of a recognised alternative that replaces radiation.
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    When I was first diagnosed with tonsilar cancer, someone I worked with found something on line about high doses of vitamin B17, found in I think it was apricot seeds. Sounded like you would have to eat several pounds of them a day to do any good. I never really looked into it, but it's out there?????????????
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    I've had radiation several times since 1990. Over the years, radiation has changed, new machines, targeting the tumor better so as not to damage healthy tissue etc. Not once have my doctors suggested an alternative method so I do not know if there is one.

    Beware of the many natural remedies that cure all cancers. I've been offered Barley Green (doesn't work) and Transference Factor that they get from a cow's colustrum and chicken eggs (it doesn't work either). There is also Shark Cartilage pills and Blue Scorpion poison from Mexico. All of these are supplements so they are not regulated.

    Keep well
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    I'm supposed to start radiation this week and I'm having second thoughts. I'd also like to hear about any alternitive treatment. I've been studying about shitaki and miataki mushrooms. I'm just running out of time.