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I was so surprised to climb on my scale and see a large weight loss this week. The last time I weighed at the Dr office fully clothed I was 140, and on my scale without clothes I was 134. Scary!
I have been trying to get in lots of protein, but the appetite isn't great. Any suggestions?
I seem to go from diarrea to constipation so eating scares me greatly since I started this journey with no passage of anything and haven't had surgery to correct that.
Any high calorie, high protein suggestions would be just great!


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    Hi Tamil,
    This could have been my post as I was about 140 before all this and now I am 120. I try to put on weight by eating high cals but also have to be careful for fear of what might be the aftermath if you know what I mean (diarreah or constipation). My doctors fuss and fuss about my weight so I will watch your post closely to see the suggestions from others. One thing I try to do is eat frequently not big meals, just small meals every two hours if my schedule permits. Thanks for the post, Robin
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    I'm guessing you get constipated when you eat mostly protein, which is pretty common. You can add fat calories with sauces/gravies on the meat, but also try healthy carbs like bread, pasta, etc. Maybe casseroles made with potatoes or noodles in a cheese sauce - very high in protein and calories. Drink fruit juice - it's loaded with calories! Do you like milkshakes? You can make them pretty healthy with the lower fat ice cream now available - try Edy's Slow Churned. It's the best! Add juice to it for the extra calories (more than the whole fruit) and to add flavor. Fruit smoothies are VERY high in calories and you could add a scoop of protein powder to that, too.

    Are you taking acidopholis? It really helped me with bowel and gas issues. My oncologist thinks it's great, but don't add it to your regimen without doc's approval if you are still in treatment.

    HTH -- Kimby
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    I lost 45 pounds over my cancer treatment journey. NOT GOOD!!!

    My trick was to eat whenever and whatever sounded good....on top of everything else, the darn chemo changed my taste...

    One standby, faithful friend (I know, I know, I say this ALOT), is scalloped potatoes. Nutritionally, it has milk, fat, starch, and vitamins. AND IT TASTES good!!!!

    Don't forget your fluids...those nasty obstructions come from not enough liquid (partially). I always carried a quart container with me...I sipped constantly...and then tried to refill it at least 3 times a day (total of 4 quarts of water). Especially with the diarreha, you are also seeing fluid loss pounds, too...

    Hugs, Kathi
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