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My gyn/onc said that the physical exam and CA-125 of 6 indicates that I am disease free for now. I will have a CT scan on Friday to see if that concurs. I had the choice of stopping all chemo or taking a 12 month course of a low dose of Taxol one time a month. He said there was still controversy on this but the one study done shows it buys an average of 7 months more in remission. I have chosed to do this maintenance program since I have tolerated the chemo relatively well, side effect wise. The stomach pains were probably the sluggy bowels moving through the colon. Thanks for all your prayers and support. (Hugs)


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    I am so happy for you. I am so looking forward to hearing that word remission in the coming months. I sincerely hope you go through the upcoming holidays with joy in your heart. I will continue to send good thoughts your way Saundra. Take care. Kris
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    Saundra, thanks for posting your great news. Congratulations and Praises to the Lord for this wonderful news.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    Hi, Saundra, and congratulations on the good CA.
    My CA125 was down to 4, and I was told I was in remission; however, I did not receive the 12-month follow-up of low-dose Taxol (which I wanted). My Dr. insisted that nothing has been proven as far as the follow-up Taxol, so that I should "enjoy Quality Of Life" while I have it.
    In March he told me I was "in remission". In the
    past few months, my CA125 has rocketed to 40.6, but my CT Scan showed "clear". Now he wants to do a laperoscopy and monitor the CA for a month.
    I'm glad you're doing the 12-month follow-up. Good for you! I also have stomach pains, and was relieved to see that the "sluggy bowels" may be the cause. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes to you xoxo Susan
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    Saundra...this is my good news for the week. I hope to hear that word...remission...in the weeks to come. I am so glad for you!! Cindy
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    Great news, Saundra! How I pray this will be the case for all of us in the coming months. I believe you are making a good choice as far as the 'maintenance'. Stay strong, keep the faith, and keep in touch!
    Love & Hugs, & THANKFUL PRAYERS!
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    I'm so excited for you!! I will be praying that the scan will show all clear and you can dance with NED!!!! I would do the taxol maintenence also..from what I have heard it is without alot of heavy side effects. So you would have 12 months of good quality of life along with 7 months or more time that taxol is offering. I'm waiting for the same tests as you right now. On the 18th I will have a CT scan and a ca-125 draw to see where I'm at...hopefully I'll be in remission. They had to stop the Gemzar early because of super bad side effects, and they put me on a 10 week vacation, to regain my health (the Gemzar put me into congestive heart failure!!)So please say a little prayer for me!! Again congrats on the good news!!! (((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Hi Saundra, Congratulations on your great news. I know of two people who were late stage and have been in remission since 2001 and 2002. We never know when that will happen. It is in Gods hands. All the best, Irene.