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I am about to finish week 4 of 7 IMRT for left tonsil cancer. Have done 4 of 7 once a week low-dose Cisplatin too. Taste is for the most part gone. Plus, general taste in my mouth is metallic and very yucky. My question, I still have 3 weeks to go.........any suggestions on foods, drinks or whatever that may have acceptable taste? So far for me only eggs and watermelon, and they are about 75% yucky. Have PEG but hoped to avoid using it.......doubtful now. Have not lost much weight yet, but lack of appetite due to no taste will take its toll toon. THanks........JK


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    The peg tube will be your life line. I am 3 mos post treatments and had the same kind of treatments you are getting. I still have my peg tube, and still use it. Eventually you may not be able to swallow at all and you will most likely lose your voice. Also, my esophagus constricted from being in the field of radiation. I've had 3 dilations already! My saliva is not back to normal yet. My taste buds are, but I can only eat soups with thin broth as of now. My doctor prescribed Jevity at the beginning of my treatments. It is full nutrition. My insurance pays for it and ships it directly to my house. Check with your insurance. I take in a can about every 3 hours through my peg tube to maintain my health and weight. You will need the proper nutrition in order to heal properly. I'd suggest that you start using the tube. Hope this helps, and good luck.
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    When I've had radiation treatment, food usually tastes like cardboard, not very appealing. This is caused because your taste buds are affected so all food is going to taste the same. I just kept eating the tasteless food because I knew nutrition was important. Near the end of treatment I was tired and felt rotten so no way to eat regular food so I drank Boost, not much flavor either but it goes down easy, especially when it is cold. A few months after treatment finished, your taste buds will recover and food will taste like food again.
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    My husband had surgery and IMRT for 7 weeks 2 years ago. He started using the PEG after week 2 (he never stopped drinking water) and used it for 3 months after. I can tell you he believes using the tube and keeping his nutrition protected is why he healed so well. He has improved over the last 18 months (he has even improved in the last 6 months). Also, because he had good nutrition he had no nausea and could take the pain meds he needed without fear of needing to eat...Hope this helps and good luck......
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    My last IMRT was March 28, 2007. My taste buds have recovered for the most part. I still can't taste alot of sweet things (probably a good thing,LOL). For me, I had to use my PEG tube from mid March thru late July, towards the end I was eating and using the tube together. I am just glad everything does not taste like chapstick anymore! The best advise I could give is to start using your tube now, don't wait till weight loss is an issue, it will keep you healhier in the long run and aid in your recovery time.