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hello all, i havent been diagnosed yet but im fearing it and i was wondering if any of you had these same symptoms before diagnosis. i am a 24 year old female and am a smoker. for the past 6 weeks i have had horrible pain in my left tonsil when i swallow and the pain sometimes goes into my ears been to the docs 4 times with various tests none of which gave me an answer. saw a ent who told me that my left tonsil is swollen but doesnt look like cancer so im seeking a second opinion cuz im tired of the pain. i do have swollen glands on the left side only but they are sore also. did anyone have symptoms such as this? im so scared


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    I had the same symptoms and mine was squamous cell carcinoma of the left tonsil with two lymph nodes on the same side affected as well. I would definitely recommend a second opinion. Ask your ENT to refer you to a head and neck cancer specialist. That's what my ENT did. This cancer is very fast growing so don't hesitate! If it turns out to be cancer talk with your doctor about having a feeding tube installed as soon as possible. It will be your life line throughout the treatments and during the recovery phase. I hope yours is not cancer. Good luck and keep us posted.