Flu Shot or Not?

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Hi all. I'm wondering what your Dr's have told you about getting a flu shot while undergoing chemo. I've had my regular general Dr. tell me not to have one while on chemo but I haven't actually asked my Oncologist about it. Does anybody have any advice on this with flu season approaching? It seems to me that it wouldn't be a good thing to do with a lowered immune system. Just wondering what everyone else thinks?


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    Hi Polly, I am always on chemo and both of docs say get the shot and they advice my hubby to get one also so he doesn't bring something home either. Sometimes I go to the local clinic sometimes if I'm in my onc's office I get it there. Thanks for the reminder to us all that it is flu shot time.

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    I'm betting you are gonna get all sorts of answers, so what ever your onc says is gold!!! I have never been allowed to have a flu shot especially while undergoing chemo...but that's just the opinion of my gyn/onc. Let me know what he said...as I just might be off chemo this flu season..(that's a first!!!)Thanks for the reminder...Joanne
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    One last comment, the flu shot is not a live vaccine anymore so you can't get flu from shot.
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    Hi Polly.. Iam a 7 yr Ovarian IIIC survivor and I had flu shots while in chemo. So should household members since your immune system is down in chemo..Sorry you are having to go through this. Good luck! If I can help in any way please do nto hesitite to contact me. Terrie(Teri50)