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Got my CT scan report today. Not just the same as last time but not definitely bad. It hints that there may be some markings in one area that could represent peritoneal carcinomatosis. Now I am scheduled for a PET scan on Monday. If that area lights up then it likely represents cancer. However, I still may not be comfortable that it is ok if it doesn't light up as I believe these markings are quite small so they may not show on the PET. The CEA is not back yet but has not been a real good marker for me in the past.
I have a hernia by my stoma and I may just get that repaired and ask the surgeon to look at the area in question. There may be some resistance, he is an excellent surgeon technically but I think not as aggressive as I might like. I was so hoping that I could just get by these tests and sort of look at the cancer as past history. It's very disappointing. I don't mind thinking about further surgery but dread the idea that more chemo could be in my future. I am not going to complain anymore about the idea of growing old- sounds good to me right now.

Thanks for allowing me to vent. The waiting is the hardest part. I feel better now.



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    Praying with you. I haven't been on for a bit. CEA is a good marker fro me. However it was 4.8 before surgery and now 6 months after chemo and surgery, it's up to 10 :/ Going for PET too on the 10/10. I'll be looking for your results. Meanwhile....on we go....keep the faith!
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    ****, I'm so sorry it didn't show an all clear right off the bat and you have to wait. I know how hard that is. We all do. I'm saying prayers and sending positive thoughts that it turns out to be nothing and if it does turn out to be anything, that it is easily taken care of. God Bless .

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    Waiting is so stressful! Try to stay busy and remember, you're the doctor in charge.
    Jo Ann
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    Sounds like a line from the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers song; "The waiting is the hardest part!" ****, that sucks. Hopefully it will be nothing and you can really put the whole cancer episode behind you and shift from Tom Petty to the Beatles "When I get old and losing my hair, many years from now..."

    Be well, buddy

    - SpongeBob
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    I always think it is what it is. If it's time for more chemo then it's time. Lots of luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    What a grand word, Drat. Says it all. Vent anytime....but PLEASE keep us posted. I know about not wanting chemo again...but you have already invested too much in saving your life to stop now!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Oh, I do hate the waiting part. Hang in there. Wishing for nothing but the best for you, but I also know you will be able to deal with whatever happens. Look how far you've come already.
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    Hi ****,
    I see in your posting the words may be and quite small so thats a plus. I have read a lot of your postings even though I am fairly new. You are definitely a fighter and have been a lot of help to me. As you know only God knows whats ahead and he has our best interest in mind. Prayers to you, Robin
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    ****: I am sorry that you have to worry again, and it makes it even harder being a doctor because you have knowledge that makes it difficult to make yourself feel better. The PET scan will probably give you a clearer picture and I am sure you will be able to convince your doctor to take a peak. Stay strong, stay positive, and I know you will have the pleasure of getting old. Monica