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Hi everyone,
While reading the responses to Kiersten's post last week about hormone replacement therapy, I was so surprised how many of you had been advised against this.
I am 25 years old and went into menopause one year ago due to the pelvic radiation I received for my rectal cancer. I was experiencing hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. I have been taking levora, a birth control pill. My obgyn chose this pill over prempro because the hormone level is actually HIGHER and more akin to the natural level of hormones in a 25 yr old's body. I was told without hormones I would age quicker. I was also told there is no right answer to this question because there have never been any studies on young women who are forced into early menopause due to radiation.
I would really appreciate hearing the reasons to not have hormones. I just wish I was more confident that I am doing the right thing. My level of hormones from the levora is still lower than the average 25 year old, so how could it be bad?
Any of your information is much appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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    hormones have been associated to breast cancer, like is also proven that red meat is to colon cancer....I just don't do any of them...You are so young and it most be a very hard decision to make...just "google" around and you will find the answers.
    God bless and good luck
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    I am still trying to decide what I want to do with the hormone issue. I know there are reasons for and against. I am getting a bone density scan at the end of October so that may also be a deciding factor. The menopause symptoms stink!!! The night sweats and hot flashes are driving me crazy. My gynecological oncologist said no hormones, but finally said I could use a small dose of Estrace vaginal cream. That has helped a lot already. It's hard being young and trying to make the right decision. I understand your questions.

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    I am a 7 year stage 3 colon cancer survivor diagnosed with uterine cancer a few weeks ago. I will have a radical hysterectomy next Wednesday which will put me into menopause at age 36. I am really worried about hormone replacement therapy too. My gynecological oncologist said not to be worried. My first oncologist (for colon cancer) siad I should be cautious and recommended estriol- o hormone he gives to breast cancer patients that has not been found to cause breast cancer. I too will be doing more research on this topic. Good luck to you.