sigmoidoscopy not so good

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Hi all, I had my test today and it seems the tumor I have been working on killing outside my colon has started to grow through the wall at the original resection site. They are doing a biopsy to confirm the bleeding is from tumor but they are quite sure.

I will meet with my doctors next week to discuss another resection or not.

I am pretty ticked off right now along with many other emotions. I'm off to the lake for the weekend to think this through and to cuss a bit. This too shall pass and I will overcome it but right at this moment, it really sucks.


  • scouty
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    DAMMIT Mark!!!!!!

    I hate it but also know you will attack it just like you have every other obstacle.

    You know I am with you every step of your way and will be calling to check up on you next week.

    Love bunches, Lisa P.
  • jerseysue
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    F..K! Have a great weekend at the lake and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Sue
  • rmap59
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    Hey Mark,
    I will be praying hard for you. I know it does suck but you are a fighter. If I can help you please let me know. Your friend, Robin
  • hopefulone
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    Your right. It does suck Mark but I don't have any doubt that you'll overcome this hurdle and also sending positive thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

  • vman1300
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    Being a newbie here, I dont know any about your past. I will be saying a prayer for you.

  • fedester
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    sorry to hear of this bump in the road.
    relax,recharge,and than come back with everything you have to beat this beast.
    be well
    never,ever give up!!
  • spongebob
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    Damn, bro... You're right it does really SUCK, but you are also going to be someone who gets through this. You're one tough **** - I know it. I say do a few Irish car bombs and see if that doesn't blast it outta ya! Have a peaceful weekend up at the lake, Mark and know you and your family arein our thoughts and prayers.


    - SB
  • Faith4Cure
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    Yes, it really does suck, but I know you will get through this as you have everything else. I'm really sorry that your tests didn't turn out better. I'm sure that after your weekend at the lake, things will look better and you will be ready to do what you need to do to get past this. Keep us informed-----you're in my prayers.

  • jams67
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    I've been praying for you and your family and will continue.
    Your news really is sucky. Read the book of Job and all of his trouble. He suffered through a lot of vile stuff, but ended up beating the devil. You will too.
    Jo Ann
  • crazylady
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    Hi Mark,
    I'm so sorry to hear this news. The whole thing really sucks!!!
    I'm sending positive energy your way. I know you will remain strong and continue fighting.
    Take care,
  • KathiM
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    That gosh-darned old beast!!! Makes me so MAD!!! I am sending MY army to help yours...

    My army seemed to be able to vanquish the over they are coming!!! All you need is a few fresh troops!

    Let me know, dearheart, if there is any thing I can do...remember, too, that each new day is a day won from the beast!!!!

    Sending big, strong vibes and hugs...

    HUGS, Kathi
  • betina61
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    Dear Mark,I am very sorry to hear about your test results, but you know better than anyone that you are not giving up, you are a figther,and we admire you so much, we all need people like you to inspire us to continue on this journey, my prayers are with you.
  • KierstenRx
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    I know you are extremely frustrated, but you will get through. I always love reading your advice to others. I will be sending positive thoughts and you will be in my prayers.

  • suzannchili
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    That stinks! But you will beat this! I toasted you and all my semi-colon friends this weekend when I celebrated my 7 year colon cancer free anniversary with a Cuck Fancer cake. Now, on to beat this uterine cancer nonsense. Next year, I'll have to have two cakes. Stay strong!