Hans did great!

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The procedure yesterday went well, although it was long....7 hours....
The doctor was very excited about the turnout...of course, I could have told him that, with all the prayers, there was no other outcome but terrific!!!! He finally got to his room at midnight...they had to monitor the insertion points so that he didn't bleed. I was curled up in a chair, fast asleep.

Thank you all, again, for the prayers and vibes...it made a BIG difference...and now Hans has between 5 and 10 years of trouble-free heart (hummmm, maybe I should teach him to dance on bars.....)

All my love,



  • seof
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    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! I am strong believer in the power of prayer, personally. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan956
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    I am starting the happy naked dance for you & Hans...

    So glad that it all worked well... But hey he has to be a fighter he has you. So glad that the prayers worked... but hey they always do.

    Take Care... God Bless....

    Hope you get a much better nights sleep tonight..

  • chenheart
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    HOORAY and HOORAH! So glad that your Hans' heart took a lickin' and kept on tickin'!! I know, I am showing my age here, but aging is a GOOD thing, isn't it?

    Did his poor heart nearly give out from all of the excitement of seeing you happily dance naked so many times???? Just wondering!
  • babs49242
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    Wonderful Wonderful..prayer is sooooo powerful like our God!
    Glad things went well,God was with the surgeons and your Hans! sleep better tonight..not in a chair..lol Crawl in Hans bed and leave him alone!
    Bless you!
  • AuthorUnknown
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    Hello Kathi!

    I am so glad to hear everything went well! Time to relax a little. :-)

    Hope to see you soon in one of our chat parties as things settle down.

    Take care lady!