Komen race today...2 necklaces!!!!

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I did a repeat performance of my 5K walk last year today, just this time I HAD HAIR!!!

It is always inspiring to see women there wearing a full neck of necklaces (we get one for each year of survivorship).

It was a beautiful day....picture perfect blue sky, view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean....

Reminds me of how blessed I really am...

Hugs, Kathi


  • Skybuf
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    You go girl, walk some for me because I can't YET!
    Necklaces, sounds like a good idea that. Must tell there here in Canada about that!
    your inspiring!!!!! now we both have HAIR! Our CIBC race is this weekend!
  • chenheart
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    "She'll be Komen round the mountain when she comes" OR is it, "She'll be combing 'round the mountain when she comes"??? At any rate~ Congrats on doing the 5K! Did they let you dance naked on completion???
    And, btw...how is Hans???? Let us know!
  • Susan956
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    You go girl... We do out walk here in October... and each year it feels better when I do it... Just one more reminder that I am a survivor and I don't intend to let this beast get me down...