Hormone Replacement, that is the ????

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To all you ladies out there,
Have any of you gone on hormone replacement??? I had a hysterectomy at the time of my bowel resection. I am in full blown menopause at the ripe age of 33. Night sweat, hot flashes, extreme mood changes... I saw my oncologist Monday who put me on Premarin 0.625mg. I asked if that was a good idea and he said at my age I need hormones and since I don't have a uterus it is ok. There of course is a slight increase for breast cancer, but he said he is just putting back what I would be making. He wanted my to call my gynecological oncologist to make sure that Premarin is the right hormone and strength to be on. I got in touch with the other oncologist today who performed my hysterectomy and he said "absolutely NO hormones!!" Ok, so even oncologist don't agree what is the best thing to do. I'm going to not take anything for the time being, but I'm wondering what the best answer is. I am going for a bone density scan at the end of October. Are any of you on hormone replacement???? Any advice on how you came to your decision to replace or not to replace would be greatly appreciated.



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    I will not take hormones....I believe that there are natural hormones ??? My oncologist didn;t want to have the hormones either.
    Good luck
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    This is a controversial topic. For what it is worth, I am on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I consulted with several doctors, including a university gyn prof, who specialisizes in cancer pts and is up to date on current research. (I am under her care now, for this issue). I am certainly am not trying to persuade anyone else to go on HRT, but together she and I decided that I could and would. Like you, I was thrown into early menopause (in my case, the radiation for rectal cancer 'fried' my ovaries). I have no family history or risk factors for breast cancer. I will need to re-assess (probably go off HRT) after 5 years. I'm on combination estrogen and progesterone. I wish you luck with your decision-making. It is good to talk with several different doctors/sources, if you have that opportunity.
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    I didn't want to take hormone's either however I got very raw down there and he said that it could turn into an infection which would be terrible. So he gave me a patch and a pill I pop up inside me twice a week. Sue
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    Couldn't. After my total hyster, I had the same sides...sigh...my bed was a jacuzzi for about a month!!!
    Then got diagnosed with breast cancer....ER positive...now on Tamoxifen to eliminate all estrogens, even watch my soy intake...lol!

    That said, if the positive effects of HRT outweigh the risks, well, then you must decide. After a month, my worst symptoms were over...but, I am 52...so I was headed into menopause already.
    If you continue, just be VERY vigilant about other changes in your body. Lumps in your breast should be investigated fully, for instance...colon cancer can be sneaky and react to hormones, too.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hey Kiersten,
    I had my ovaries fried with radiation and it sent me into menopause at 47. The symptoms were almost more than I could bear but I talked to my family doctor and she said no way on the hormones, I was prepared to get a second opinion but the symptoms finally lessened and I can tolerate them now. I dont no how long you have been in misery but mine lasted about 4 months and now just occasional night sweats and hot flashes. I pray that you will make the right decision. Robin
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    Hi Sweetie,

    I HEAR you about the sweats in particular! When I started perimenopause, the sweats were sporadic, but the mood changes were incredible! I was just about at full menopause when the colon ca was dx'd and chemo threw me into full menopause. That was ok, too, since my antidepressants took care of the mood swings (LOL). But since the hysterectomy in July, I sweat CONSTANTLY. But here's the deal. My regular gynecologist told me right from the get-go that she was VERY averse to hormone replacement therapy unless your symptoms were unbearable. My regular onc is VERY averse to hormone replacement therapy; he said he sees too much breast cancer to go along with that program. And my gynecological oncologist said NO! All of them recommended soy, a less fatty diet, plenty of excersise and tepid-to-cool, rather than warm showers.

    I don't see how a mild antidepressant could hurt, but speak to your doc about it. From everything I have read (and heard rumors about :)) one should try to stay off the hormone replacement.
    That's my 2 cents.

    One more thing, Kiersten; you have been a Godsend to me during this whole journey. I have tried to take my cues from you since I admire your attitude and mindset so much. Bless you for everything.

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    I also had a hysterectomy along with my resection. My hot flashes were so bad they were keeping awake at night. For some reason they were worse at night. I didn't have too much trouble during the day. I talked to my gyno and decided to try a light dose of estrogen. I also went on Effexor which is an antidepressant that also helps with the hot flashes. I ended up just using the hormones for a couple of months. I was just too worried about the repercussions of the hormones. I have had pretty good luck with the Effexor controlling the symptoms of menopause. I plan on weaning myself off the Effexor soon. I'll have to see how it goes.