If you can spare a prayer....

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Hans, my truelove of 16 years, is having heart surgery on Monday. I know it's not cancer, but if you have an extra thought, I'd appreciate it.

Thank goodness we wait to have a life-threatening illness till the other one is well! (lol)

Hugs, Kathi


  • babs49242
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    Hans and you will be in my prayers.

    In HIM, Cindie
  • Putting you and Hans on the TOP of my list for Monday.
  • ladybluepgh
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    Keeping you both in my prayers...I hope Hans does well with the surgery
  • chenheart
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    Consider it done! We meet in here for cancer, but we by no means have tunnel-vision! Of course, both you and Hans will be on the top of many prayer and "good vibe" lists!
  • Skybuf
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    Prayers coming your way, Monday and now!
    God bless you both and be there with you Monday
  • phoenixrising
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    No problem, they're headed your way. I know what you mean about waiting for the spouse to get well before getting sick. My husband went through colorectal cancer and has been free for 4 years but will never go back to his job due to the effects of the treatments. Lots of warm positive vibes and prayers to you and yours.
  • Susan956
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    Sorry for being late... but I will add both you and he to my list of prayers... I will hope by now that surgery is done and that you are both back smiling eventhough weakly at each other...

    Take Care... and God Bless Always...