Taxol & Carboplatin Treatment?

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Hey Gang....You are all so helpful and in the know. I am starting to get apprehensive about my new treatment that begins Monday.

I was recently taken off of my Folfox6/Erbitux regime and will begin treatment with Taxol & Carboplatin. Very curious to learn if others have had experience with this specific treatment regime.

I know that I will be losing my hair. Just curious if other side effects are similar or worse than those I experienced with Folfox6 (5-FU) regime.

There are days I wish I could just continue to feel as well as I do now (I have been off of chemo for a month now). Wouldn't it be great if we could just wish this nasty stuff away?

Thank you in advance.



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    Hummm....interesting stuff, Taxol. I had it as the second half of my breast cancer chemo, 6 months after my oxilloplatin for my colon cancer...

    First half of the breast ca chemo was the Adriamycin...."The red devil", as it's known...THAT REALLY takes off the, by the time I got to Taxol, there was little left...

    I digress....Taxol is given slowly the first time, cause since it is made from a pine tree (yew pine, to be exact), it is natural and can have allergic reactions. They will be careful. MY taxol was infused over 5 hours...

    As far as hair loss, I lost my eyebrows and lashes during the Taxol infusions...bigger, tho, was potential 'taxol tingles' as I called them. I drank LOADS of water (2 quarts day before, day of, day after). I emerged from all the treatment neuropathy FREE! Also check on B6...helps with the tingles, too...but ask your onc...some don't like to give during treatment, they wait till after....

    Hugs, Kathi