Outstanding results :)

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My PET scan results from yesterday came back unbelievable! (Stage IV liver mets too many to count...dx 6/06) After my 16 rounds of chemo, I guess the beast got discouraged as only one small lesion "lit up" in my liver and everything else is dead, dead, dead! No spread, etc. I was so determined to do chemo until I absolutely had to stop it and I did. My daughter reminds me that, also, for a 63 yr. old I am very healthy, no other health issues, and in great shape as I kept up with my Taekwondo and gardening etc. even with the chemo. I had many prayers and of course the good thoughts from all who are on this message board. I will be monitored and I am not sure if maybe Dr. will want to take out this one lesion or do a wait and see. I will find out details on Oct. 5th. I am doing a happy dance! Never give up!


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    Oh Apache..that is soooooo greaaatttt !!!!what a relieve right ? Hey, what cocktail did they give you ? What a great story this is...congrats, enjoy, God blees and BELIEVE !!
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    Hi Linda - What FANTASTIC news! From "Too many to count" to just ONE! WOW! Linda, it is going to work out - I just know it! Please keep us posted. There is much hope and much life ahead of you. Enjoy that naked dance in the "piney woods".

    Take care,
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    You are so brave, heroic, and a darn fine fighter!!!

    Dancing with NED will be next...

    Hugs, kathi
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    Wow Apache! That's wonderful!!! I know this was asked already, but I'm asking again....What chemo cocktail have you been on?

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    alta29 said:

    Oh Apache..that is soooooo greaaatttt !!!!what a relieve right ? Hey, what cocktail did they give you ? What a great story this is...congrats, enjoy, God blees and BELIEVE !!

    I had the 5-fu in the pump for 44 hours, Leuvorican (sp) that makes the 5-fu work, Oxaliplatin and Avastin. This was done every two or three weeks depending on blood tests. I only stopped the Avastin for a little while when I had to have a tooth pulled. My Dr. also never gave me a set # for treatments.
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    Excellent news!!! I'm flashing back to when my mom had a similar result - a tough battle, but ultimately went cancer free. You will too...I know it!

    I'm so impressed with your positive attitude and amazing spirit. You are a true inspiration to all of us.

    Congratulations and keep us posted...and think about joining us for ColonPalooza 6 in 2008.
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    GREAT news!! I am so happy for you. You must be out dancing tonight!! Enjoy this great news and keep doing whatever you're doing, cause you're doing it right!!!! God Bless!

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    I am so happy for you!!!! God is good. Your results are amazing and I will continue praying for your remarkable results!!!!

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    What wonderful news! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the joy with us.
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    Wow! What an amazing story! You will give such hope to others. Your perseverance prevailed! Congratulations!!!


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    Hey Linda, great news. keep up the good work.
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    Great news! You encourage all of us to workout. I keep having interuptions (exercise interuptous) with trips and other fun and sometimes not so fun things to do. I've done two days in a row now though, I'm on a roll. Please keep posting so that I will keep working out.
    Jo Ann
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    So happy for you. That's great news. Continue to do what your doing . It's working . God Bless. I remember at the outset we were told liver resection not an option for my hubby. We continued to believe and be persistant and continue with treatment and not give up. Now it's going to happen..mets have shrunk so much and in one area. Surgery in October. Continue to believe. God Bless and keep us posted.
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    Thats great, this gives me hope when it all feels hopeless at times. I am stage 4 too with
    big liver met.
    My Onc is talking about going to Avastin too.
    Thanks for the great news!