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Hey Ladies,

Just a friendly (read pushy, lol) reminder that tomorrow night is our special night to get to know each other in 'real time'. Please join us (I really don't bite, regardless of what you've heard) in Chat 2 at 9pmET/6pmPT (and all other times inbetween) tomorrow TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 18. It should be a fun time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained... :)


  • babs49242
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    I shall be there cuz I certainly do not want to be SQUARE!! hahahaa
  • chenheart
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    Gosh, I was all set to come to your party Coug, but I remembered I have to wash my hair!!!! KIDDING Coug , of course I'll be there! :-)
  • KathiM
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    Sorry, darlin, for missing the fun last night! I had a meeting for dinner. Ordered it medium rare, came well!
    PLEASE keep me posted for the next time!!!

    Hugs, Kathi