Post polyp removal symtpoms

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My husband had 2 low grade cancer polyps removed from his bladder 16 days ago. His doctor said that they flooded his bladder with Chemo and in 2 months when his bladder heals my husband will start a 6 week regiment with BCG. All of his symptoms are gone except light nausea, frequent urination and a burning sensation at end of urinating. His urine is clear until the end, and then is tinged red, a little thick and burns. He has to urinate twice an hour 24 hours a day. I am reading that this is normal. My question is "how long will this last"? And is there something he can do to help him get some sleep?


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    hello firstly as i,m sure you are aware 2 low grade polyps[ta grade 1??] is good news.if there can be such a thing,i,m presumeing the chemo was something like MYTOMICINE which can inflame and iritate the bladder,you,v answerd some of the question 2 months when bl heals some blood is not that unuseual and the burning was normal for me, it lasted about a month but got better as some time thing to look out for is a uti i had lots of them after every op easely treated with if it does not improve contact your doctor explain the symptoms he should do an msu to test the urine and possibly send a sample to ob.tain a culture so dont worry to much yet sounds like its been caught early and your treatments on track dont be afraid to ask for something to help your husband sleep just give some time to heal,hope this may of been of some help,kind regards ian