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hi mark thanks again my bones were clear on bone scan only seen one lymph node lareger than others on cat scan hormone all i have left never had any radiation never had anything but surgery hope you knoe of something else thaks again


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    Sorry I misunderstood about your treatment. I only had radiation and hormone treatment because my urolgist was sure that the cancer was already outside the prostate. For you, radiation can still be used and if you talk to a radiation oncologist he can help you decide if that would be beneficial. There are other medicines that along with hormone therapy that help slow cancer growth by stopping testosterone production which is key to prolonged survival. I hope your psa level stabilizes and you can avoid most or all of these treatments. I am honestly amazed that I have survived as well as I have given the original diagnosis. Hormone therapy takes a lot of adjustment of priorities but I still have a very good life and believe that remaining calm and stress-free is very key to longer life.
    Keep in touch, Mark