Grants for women with breast cancer?

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Does anybody have information on foundations/organizations that offer grants for single mothers with breast cancer? I would really appreciate some help. I can't find anything for my good friend who is in desperate need of help.
Thank You!!


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    If you are looking for medical assistance, try her state's chapter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Also, her local hospital probably has a social worker that is familiar with the resources in her community. Many organizations can help with travel, perhaps babysitting, and maybe even medical coverage at a low rate. I'm sure her kids could get coverage through Medicaid if finances are a concern. Our elementary schools have pamphlets to sign up, but so do the state social workers. Don't forget to check with your local cancer organizations for more resources. Good luck!
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    I cannot vouch for any of these sites, but doing a Google Search I found these three. Maxx Life for Single Moms, Single Moms Alone, and
    Coupled with the replies you also got from our fellow BC sisters, I hope you find some good resources for your friend. And, btw...THANK YOU for taking the initiative to sign up here and ask in her behalf. Good and resourceful friends like you are a true blessing to those of us who find ourselves in this battle. You make the journey easier.