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Hi all. I know that there are some of you who have had liver resections due to liver mets and now that my husband has been given that option for surgery next month, and after meeting with oncologist, I'm just wondering how many of you that did have resection, had any follow up chemo afterward when you were considered NED? He has liver mets only and very small ones now and hopefully all will be removed with surgery. He's already had 9 chemo treatments and onc says maybe more after , but maybe NOT, or maybe just xeloda pills or avastin. I'm hoping for just NED and the maybe NOT turns into definate NOT, but we won't know til after surgery. Thanks and God Bless, Diane


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    Hi Diane -

    It is great news that your husband is now a liver resection candidate. I never had liver surgery, but I understand that "just" Xeloda and Avastin is pretty common following such surgery. Xeloda is chemo, although side effects are nothing like oxaliplatin. Hopefully those who have had liver surgery will chime in, but overall, this sounds like great news for your husband.

    Happy for your good news,
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    Hi Betsy, Hope all is well with you. Yeah I'm very optimistic! I hope if he has to have any treatment afterward it's for a very short period of time! The oxal is a big concern after 10 treatments so the onc mentioned. God Bless and good to hear from you.
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    Hi Diane,
    I had a liver resection last October. I had four rounds of folfox prior to surgery. And I had nine of folfox after; it was supposed to be eight but I had an allergic reaction during one so they cut it short and tacked on more at the end.
    I think I was considered NED after the surgery. My CEA was 249 at diagnosis and 0.9 after surgery. There hasn't been any sign of cancer since the surgery and the additional rounds were given to kill any cancer cells that could have been floating around my body.
    Such great news that he is now a candidate for the surgery! Good luck and feel free to ask me any other questions you may have.
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    I know that it must be a relief that your husband can now have the resection done. My husband was diagnosed 1/5/06 had chemo then a complete lower resection (inc rectum removal) and a liver resection done all at one time. His resections were done 8/13/06 (thats the date I use for NED). He had rads done after surgery, then had chemo called Irinotecan and Xeloda, the doctors told us the after chemo was just to add icing to the cake. He did have Avastin pre-surgery. Xeloda not bad, but the Irinotecan he issues with.Our last scan was in June and all well. Will keep you and your husband in our prayers. Please feel free to email me with any questions
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    I just had a liver resection August 1 and still recovering, but I did see my doctor two weeks ago and said it looks like they got it all with the surger there is no need for chemo at this time. He said lets save the chemo for when you need it. My surgeon wanted me to have chemo but the onc said wait. I will see my onc. on October 2, to see if I need chemo for sure or not, i am hoping not. I am with the onc that says wait till you need it. I did have another onc in NC to tell me I need it and my onc said he was not taking his advice. I hope you get good news.
    keep in touch.
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    Hi Diane. I have had lung met (not liver) - twice. Both times I was v. happy that I was able to have surgery, to remove. But both times I had chemo afterwards. My thinking was that there might be micro-metastises out there, which might need mopping up. But, everyone's situation is different, and each of us have somewhat different 'takes' on our situation. I err towards aggressive/conservative. I finished 6 mos (12 rounds) of chemo in June. It wasn't bad (or am I already forgetting?!?) and I'm feeling great now, with clear scans. Good luck to you. Please keep us posted.
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    Thanks everyone for your input. Looks like a mid October date for the surgery and the jury will be out for a while on follow up chemo. Since he's had 9 treatments already, we'll see what the onc and surgeon recommend after the surgery and go from there. I appreciate all your reponses and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless