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hello everyone -- its been awhile since i have posted. FYI stage 4 colon with liver and lung tumors dx jun 07/ surgery removed all of he mass in the colon/aug07 started chemo.

well things have been up and down. i got a blood clot by my port 2 weeks ago. the doc took me off the avastin because of it. other than 2 days in the hosp. and a big nasty bruise i am feeling fine.

i read all the postings of get togethers , but they are all on the east coast-- are there any midwesterners out there? you know its not all cows and corn.

i watched the tlc crazy sexy cancer film and promptly got the book. i love both. i am trying some of the tips, but giving up steak might be really hard. i am a iowa girl.

i was wondering if any one eles has problems with extremely dry skin-- especially around my port site. when i take my 5fu pack home for 46 hrs of he drip-- i damn near want to scratch my skin off and rip the needle out. i have one more week in this round i have to take the pack home and any suggestions would be helpful.

well fall is here in the heartland and all the leaves are turning -- i love this time of year. i just hope the oxiplatin does not keep me from enjoying it( the cold - you know)

well to everyone who is new to the site (like me) and to those who are been here awhile -- all my love and prayers

lisa r


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    Hi Lisa,
    I hope you see this message! It seems like it was overlooked, which is very unusual, what with the new grandson right above you and all! I can't say that I remember your story, but welcome back anyway. Many folks that would normally reply to you are off to Nashville for the Colon Palooza. Sounds like fun, but unfortunately, I have to work.....I am sorry you are having all the itchiness. Have you tried taking Benadryl, or using Benadryl spray? Maybe that would help?...
    I love the yellow leaves. I am in Alaska and fall is here! It is beautiful. I hope you can enjoy it too. I have never had Oxaliplatin, but I was Stage IV with one liver and two lung mets, in my right lung. I have been NED for a while now, so it is possible!
    I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
    Take care and keep posting!
    -Susan H.
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    Hi Lisa, I am 41 yo female living in Australia. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in Dec 05. Had operation and chemo in 2006. Had Folfox which is 5FU and Oxilaplatin, sounds the same as you. I could only tolerate 9 oxil but continued with all 12 5FU. Yes, the cold does really kick in with the oxil. I started to get nerve damage in my fingers and feet, so they stopped it. I couldn't touch anything cold (especially food in fridge etc) which made cooking impossible. Lucky my two teenage daughters were a great help. Drinking cold liquids also got pretty tough so I would drink boiled water with lemon. The cold liquids caused my throat to spasm. Try to take one treatment at a time and just concentrate on getting through that. Rest alot, you really need to let your body recover. I worked part time throughout my chemo and now I really regret it. I am one year out from treatment and cancer free. I have just taken 8 weeks off work to get fitter and 'heal' a little. Good luck with the oxil. Brigid
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    Hi Lisa
    We live in Iowa also! What part of Iowa are you from? Yes, I think fall has arrived. I love summer, but this fall air is a welcome change!

    Too bad about the blood clot, but glad to hear you got past that problem. It sounds like you are staying positive--that is so important! This is a journey that teaches so much. I pray that all of your treatments go well and that you can stay upbeat and keep doing the things you love to do!

    My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer almost 1 year ago. It has been a long year, but we made it through the surgeries and the chemo. My husband was on oxi also and the cold did bother him some, but the biggest complaint he has now is the numbness in his feet. He did not have any problems with his port and no itching. He still has the port and hopes to have it removed in 2-3 months. Right now he is still trying to recover from his last surgery which reversed his ileostomy. It takes quite awhile to get everything working like it should again.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers for healing!