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Hey Ladies,

I am excited.... I am going on a vacation for 10 days... first time I have really cut loose in a couple of years. This is what is called Shag (It is a dance for those of you not from the South) Week at Myrtle Beach. It will be a week of sun, fun, beach, with live bands, and beach music and dancing all day and night long.... well I guess I will throw a few hours away each night on sleep... but I plan to play like never before... Just can't get enough of life in to suit me these days... Since I have my energy back...

Take Care... Ladies... and I will think of you guys when I drink my first Margarita..

Take Care... God Bless..

Can you tell I am already packed and can't wait until the morning..... So I can hope in the car and scoot....



  • babs49242
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    Susan~ Have a jim dandy of a time! Life is ment to be enjoyed!
  • SweetSue
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    thrilled for u!!!!!!!!
  • chenheart
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    It is perfectly OK if you forget to think of us when you drink your first Margarita! Have a blast! WHOOOO HOOO! KathiM would tell you to Naked Dance, but even in Fla I think that may be "iffy"!
    We want full disclosure when you get back to the Boards, missy! :-)

    Have the BEST TIME EVER~ you soooo deserve it!