Do you have new dreams and wishes?

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Since I had cancer, I find myself with a new list of dreams and wishes for life. I have a lot of the same dreams....but now they're bigger and they truly feel like they will happen one day. Problems that come up just don't upset me like before. Does anyone else feel the same?


  • seof
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    I think my dreams and wishes are the same. I am less tolerant of what I consider "petty" things that upset others...especially my children. I am less sympathetic with the griping and fussing over trivia. I seem to be calmer at work...don't fret the small stuff. That's the main thing I notice about myself. Anyone else out there?

  • Susan956
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    I think the Big "C" helps to put our life in perspective..... Several years before I got a magnet aht said "Don't Sweat the small Stuff.....and it's all the small stuff" I think after cancer, I began to understand and really try to live by it.... Only a very few things are worth being worried. also if you can't control it automatically isn't worth worrying about... because you can't change it.

    Hopes this hellps.
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    Absolutely, good question. I, like others don't sweat the small stuff now. I plan outtings more, appreciate all Gods beauty on earth instead of seeing the bad in things. Smell the flowers and take time for me.I visit family lots more where I used to put it off. I dream of cruising but can't get the time to go. Love, Laugh and LIVE!
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    Really good question, New... I have my dreams too, and I think my perpective is, either I will fullfill them or I won't! It actually does fall into the not sweating the small stuff category, even when my dreams are large. It's just that I don't worry about much anymore, but I let things take care of themselves. I used to be very bothered during and right after treatment by what I considered the pettiness and whininess of those who had not been touched by cancer. Even that has ebbed back to nothing, as I realize now that my irritation with them was most likely jealousy. I was longing for the days when I had petty things bothering me! So~ I am generally happy, thankful and just living life!
    Cancer has not made me any more appreciative than I was prior to my dx. I hope to think that I always stopped to smell the roses, and that my brush with mortality didn't awaken that in me.
    My dream??? To stay vibrant and cancer free, surrounded by real friends who love me as I love them right back!
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    I think I just accept what I already have and enjoy the small things.....candles, hummingbirds at my feeder, and a delightful bike ride. I ride my bike saying, "Thank u, God."