Cranberry Juice (pure) and OVCA Effects

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I all just heard on the radio about effects of pure cranberry juice and ovca.

Found an article on it at or just try and search around.
It is especially helpful with those who are sensitive to the platinum based drugs. Carboplatin,cisplatin,etc. Pretty informative, I'm drinking it now,VERY tart, but so what. Hope you all find this article and it helps.
Hugs to you all keep up the fight!!!


  • Cindy54
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    Hi Mom had such a craving for cranberry juice after her surgery. It was the only thing that would stop her nausea. And she had nausea for almost a year after surgery. I would hurry up and get it for her as soon as she woke up and we were okay to eat breakfast. I don't know as it helped her in any other way. But she did survive for 18 months. So maybe there is something to it.