First Long Weekend Trip!!!

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Hi all,
Normally when I post I am typically having issues, however not this time!!! Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. It is just 2 weeks shy of a year since I was diagnosed stage III rectal cancer last September. It has been a long year!!!!! Anyway I go in for my follow CT/PET next Wednesday and am a little nervous, but I am putting it out of my mind till then. I am taking my first official road trip starting tomorrow. My husband and I are meeting my parents and brother to celebrate my birthday. Then Friday we are heading to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State football game!!!!! GO BUCKEYES!!! (I don't want any ugly replies that OSU sucks and how great your team is. I don't knock your team you don't bother mine) We are meeting family and friends up there and have a whole weekend planned. I can't wait. I have been dreaming about this moment since I was talking about it with my parents laying in my hospital bed after my bowel resection in February. It is finally here and I am feeling great! I'll touch base when I get back. I'm sure I'll need some support then for my upcoming tests.



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    Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a great weekend with your family. You have been through so much, it is time to have some fun!!!! I know that when you get home you will be celebrating again after your CT scan. Think positive!! Enjoy!!

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    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your trip and come back to negative scans.

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    So exciting! Sounds like such a fun weekend! You definitely deserve a treat like this. Have fun and celebrate all weekend!
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    SOOOOOOOOOOOO temptiong to pick on them buckeyes but a request is a request. Happy Birthday - I hope you enjoy your weekend and you take some time to sample the finer things in life - Living cancer free. Her's to a boring old nothing to find on your scan. knock em dead.
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    It is so hard to wait for results on scans. You are doing the best thing possible by staying busy with something fun. Enjoy your birthday and your trip!
    Jo Ann
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    Hi Kiersten,
    Happy Birthday! Have a great trip! It sounds like a lot of fun.
    Take care,