Rising psa after surgery

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I am 50 years old. Was diagnosed with PC in 2/05. PSA was 12.26, gleason of 6. Pathology report stated that tumor limited to right side of prostate. Had RP in 4/05., prostate and 1 nerve bundle removed. Pathology showed gleason score 7(4+3), cancer contained in prostate, lymph nodes benign. PSA after surgery was <.01. Rose to 0.2 in 8/06 and is now 0.6 as of august. Bone and cat scans are negative. Original surgeon has left, do not like his replacement. Has referred me to radiologist who want to do 8 weeks radiation on whole pelvic area and possibly hormone therapy. Questions i have: Is there a further test I could take ie: PET or MRI that would be more definitive than CAT scan
Is PSA(.06) high enough to warrant radiation/hormone therapy, should i wait and take another PSA in 3 months to see if continuing to rise, should I be seeing an oncologist specializing in urology, instead of just the urologist before starting any treatment, and lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for a doctor for a second opinion or oncologist in the central NJ area? thanks for any input you might have.


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    I had psa of 24 and gleason 9 at age 52. Surgery was not an option as my uroloist thought very likely that the cancer had spread. I had 40 rad treatments to prostate and one shot of Lupron and luckily am still alive today. My urologist wanted to give mor treatment if psa went over 1.0 and I have now waited and psa is 2.0. It is now 4.5 years since dx. There is a nuclear medicine test where tracers are injected into your blood and you are scanned with gamma rays. Procedure is very expensive. I had it and it showed no tumors, but that was over 3 years ago. This test is very definitive but I doubt that you would learn much from it. You should avoid all stress and get another psa in a few months. You can always get rad treatments and hormone therapy if psa gets over 1.0. At .06 I would not be at all concerned at this point. My psa Never got below .2 and I expect to survive another 3-5 years at worst. If you want to talk let me know and I will get you my phone number. Sincerely, Mark
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    You mentioned two different readings. One was 0.6 and the other .06. They are quite different.However, even if the reading was 0.6 I would wait another 3 months and have another psa taken. Also, you might want to go to another Dr. because sometimes the results will vary by the laboratory doing the testing.

    I would be reluctant to begin further treatment with the psa reading being so low.

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