Never Knew I Could Do It....

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On 1 September 07 it will be ONE YEAR ago that I quit smoking. I thought this was on habit I would never break because I had started at the age of 13 and now I am 43. I had always tried but failed. I guess this is one of those good things that came from cancer/chemo.


  • JoyceCanada
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    Good for you!!! I quit 20+ years ago from a 2 pack a day habit.I remember having the sweats and shakes of withdrawal. I can tell you smoking is not just a bad habit ---- smoking is an "ADDICTION". Congratulations!!
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    Congratulations! My Mom recently quit after a stay in the hospital where she could not smoke for a week or so. She is 72 and had been smoking since she was 16! I think she knows it's now or never, so I really hope she has quit for good. It's only been 3 months so far. I hope she can make it a WHOLE YEAR, like you! That is fantastic.
    Take care,
  • spongebob
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    That's awesome. So, you've been smoking for 30 years? Musta been a mighty big fire!
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    Congrats! It's a big accomplishment. I quit for 2 mos before hubby was dx. Unfortunately I went back to it. I hope to quit again but it was tough enough then without this stress(but I'm not giving up!) God Bless and Good Luck . Diane
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    Congratulations, I'm sure it has been very difficult for you to quit for this long. I have never been a smoker, but I have had to give up food that I love to eat and it was not easy. Good for you!!!
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    I was listening to Dave Ramsey the other day on the radio. There was a young woman who quit, and he was giving her a rough estimate of how much money she would save over a lifetime, if her insurance went down and she invested the money spent. It was something like 2 million dollars. That would be enough to make a person want to give it a try. Congratulations on a wonderful step toward health and perhaps wealth.
    Jo Ann
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    Awesome, I know your feeling very well.Dennis was diagnosed 1/5/06 and I quit smoking 1/25/06.I also smoked since I was 13 and am 54.If we only had the money what a heck of a party. Congrats to you.
  • PGLGreg
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    I also used the hospital stay, a year and a half ago, to quit, after smoking from age 18-64. It was a natural stopping point.

  • kbienapfl
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    Congratulations! You have beat one heck of an addiction. You should feel very proud of yourself. Know you have accomplished something many people are not able to.

    You are a strong person. My best to you.

  • usakat
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    Congratulations Nudgie! I applaude your success and dedication to good health.

    Happy Day!!!
  • KathiM
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    I knew you could!!!


    NAKED happy dance for your lungs!!!

    Have you noticed that everything tastes different? and that you can smell things you never used to be able to??? (Although, on an 11-hour plane flight, sitting next to a guy who NEEDED a shower...well...hummmmm....)

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Stopping smoking is one of the hardest things there is to do. A big pat on the back to you. ****