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Hi all - just wanted to send another update on my mom. She is now out of the CCU and in a normal room. They have determined there is nothing wrong with her heart and aren't really sure why she coded on Friday. They have removed her chest tube and most of the drugs now which is good. The main problem she is having is that small cancer cells are surronding her bowels making them very slow, which is causing a build up of fluid in her stomach. They are going to insert a GJ tube tomorrow, with one tube to take fluid out of her stomach and one feeding tube to place nutrition into her intestines. I was curious if any of you have heard or this or had a similar procedure in the past? I guess the official name is Gastrojejunal. They are hoping the tubes will allow her to be strong enough to continue on with chemo since her counts are dropping so well. I appreciate your thoughts.


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    Thanks for the update. We all are praying for Kathie687. Hope she can get well enough for the chemo soon. Glad to hear they were working on the numbers. That is an answered prayer! (((Hugs)))
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    Hi Rebekah, so sorry your mom is having to endure so much. But glad to hear she is out of ccu and in a regular room. Sending lots of prayers your way for all of you, especially your mom Kathy. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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    Hi. It's great news that your Mom is now in a regular room...she will get more rest that way.I have heard of this and it does have good results. They will get some nutrition into her system so she will be stronger to continue on with the chemo. It does not have to be a permanent thing. I will send a prayer your way for your Mom's strength to increase. Hold fast. Cindy
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    Praying that your Mom will do well with this new procedure. At least she will get some nutrients to get stronger and carry on from there. Bless you both!
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    Thank you so much for the update. I'm so happy to hear her heart is not the problem...that is the greatest news....the GJ tube can be a very good thing for her,it will give her the nutrients she needs, as well as remove the fluid from the belly, so she can be comfortable. It isn't a permenent thing, and can be removed with ease. Take care tell your Mom, we miss her here and were all praying for better days ahead....((((hugz)))...Joanne