CT Scan showed lesions, now MRI

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Hi Everybody,
Haven't posted in a while, but suddenly I'm freaking out again for my dad because months ago, they detected about 4 lesions of about 1-3mm big in his liver by CT scan but during colon resection, surgeon didn't find anything. Now they suggested to do a MRI for his liver to check it again.

Has anyone experienced this before...and turned out to a clear liver? Do lesions in liver mostly mean they are cancerous or could simply be cysts???

We have to wait 2 weeks to have the results!!! I'm praying so hard...
Thank You all for answering
Worried daughter.


  • sladich
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    1-3mm lesions are very tiny. They could be cysts. I actually have a few cysts in my liver but the CT scan usually states that they are cysts because of the density. I had one MRI done, prior to my liver resection, and the results were false. In my case, the CT scan and PET scan are the best. Best of luck to you and your Dad. Hang in there, it could be nothing.

  • shmurciakova
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    If they did an ultrasound or MRI? during surgery and did not see anything that is very good news...I guess it doesn't hurt to check again just to be certain. I had a tumor on my liver which I had resected, but I also have a benign cyst that turns up on all of my scans unchanged. So, yes, many people have cysts!
    It's good that they are being thorough. Try to relax and find something else to occupy your mind for the next couple of weeks.
    Best wishes,
  • jsabol
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    I understand your worry, but I have 3 "lesions" on my liver that are apparantly cysts. They continue to appear on CT scans as the same size, and did not light up on PET. I am now 3 years out of treatment and NED.
    Hoping for the best for your dad, hang in there. Judy
  • spongebob
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    How's it goin' Montrealer, eh?

    I have some cysts on my kidney and liver and some stuff in my lungs, too - scar tissue that looks evil. Best test to rule out cancer in liver cysts is a PET scan isn't it? I wouldn't worry unless or until you get news that the cysts are growing/changing. Even then depending on where they are, chemo or a liver resection could possibly do the trick.

    Praying for good news for you and your dad.

    - SpongeBob
  • pink05
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    These could very well be cysts, especially if the surgeon didn't find anything. The liver is a very fatty organ. Many people have cysts there. Keeping you in my prayers.