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Kathi,you've mentioned how nicely your scallopped potatoes went down while you were on chemo. I've never made them. Will you post the recipe? Sorry if you've done this already, but I could really use it right now.


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    Macaroni works real well also. I would eat Easy Mac when I was just too tired to cook. It can be swallowed without tasting, if you are nauseous. Hope this helps. I'm sure Kathi's potatoes are much better.
    My potato recipe is good and very easy. Put sliced potatoes in a deep microwavable dish, so that it doesn't boil over into microwave, layer with chopped onions,(optional), 1T. flour and dot with butter, salt and pepper. Pour milk over this(The amount of milk about 1/2 cup per potato depends on how many layers of potates you are making) Microwave until potatoes are soft. You can add cheese or whatever you like on your potates before cooking.
    Jo Ann
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    Hi Mary,

    Sorry you are having a tough go with the chemo. I lived off of oatmeal and grits (yes I'm a southern gal) while I was on it and my tummy was upset. Anything to absorb the nasty acids in your tummy will help; crackers, bread, biscuits. I also made sure I pigged out the day before, the morning before, and ate while getting my chemo cuz we all know once you get nauseous it is hard to stop it with the legal drugs.

    Lisa P.

    FYI, Emeril on the Food Network just shared a scalloped potato recipe. Like you I have never made them. Hugs and know you are in my prayers sweetie.
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    Blush....I just bought the store box....Betty Crocker. Scalloped Potatoes, not AuGratin.

    Thank you for giving me the credit...but this stuff is good...

    I'm sorry you are being challenged with this...another of my patient partners said mashed potatoes works well, too...anything to keep something in your tummy, and it's great comfort food!

    Hugs, kathi
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    Chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes work, too

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    Thanks all! I think I'll get a couple of boxes of Kathi's specialty to have on hand and then when I'm feeling well, i'll work on making my own recipe (will have to check out Emiril!).
    Jo Ann's recipe looks good too. Joann, I did have a box of kraft mac and cheese (oh those long ago college days-no the boxes aren't that old) I had that for lunch yesterday.
    It's weird Scouty, none of my usual cracker likes have worked for me this time. It was a weird reaction for me to chemo.
    Thanks Jo Ann, Scouty, and amd Kathi!