RFA Surgery date!

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Dear friends,

my surgery (RFA on 1 tumor on liver) has been set for Sept 6. I told my surgeon it was too soon (I saw him yesterday), but he said "I know you're enjoying your break, but let's take care of it". So fine, let's do it.

It might sound weird, but I'm exited about having surgery......

Anyhow, for those of you that had RFA on liver, how long did you stay in the hospital and how long did it take you to recover? I know everybody is different but I'm trying to estimate things.




  • sladich
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    I had RFA on 1 tumor in my liver. I spent the night and went home the following morning. It's called a 24-hour procedure. I was nauseas but felt no pain. I was back to myself in a few days. Best of luck to you!

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    Good news ! Bet you are excited and your surgeon's right. Meet NED as quickly as possible! Best wishes . We are hopeful that we will have some other options , surgery or rfa soon! Everytime someone gets another option it gives me so much hope. Please keep us posted and God Bless! Diane
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    Hi Christele,
    Great news on the RFA! I had my RFA administered in open surgery so my recovery was a little longer. It was done during surgery because of the difficult location. I was in the hospital for 5 days.
    Good Luck...
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    I read about this procedure. It sounds like it is a lot less invasive than a liver resection. I'm sure you'll get through it just fine. I definitely would get it taken care of as soon as possible before it gives you any other problems. The fact that you will be able to have RFA is great. Some people aren't always good candidates for that procedure (usually due to location of tumors). Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

    God bless,

  • KathiM
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    Knock the beast out ASAP!!!!

    NED is such a handsome devil....dancing with him will commence SOON!!!!

    Hugs, kathi
  • jams67
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    Having the surgery so soon will mean you won't have much time to think about it. Wish I could have had RFA. I think you will bounce right back.
    Are they doing the surgery laproscopically?
    We will want to hear from you as soon as you can get home and warm up your computer. Good luck.
    Jo Ann
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    I had RFA for 3 tumors on my liver. I was in the hospital for 24 hours. Because of the location of one of the tumors I had pain for about two weeks, not bad, pain pills took care of it.

    Good luck with your procedure.