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Hope all is well with everyone of you. Saw Spongebobs post and thought I had better chime in. I visit this site everyday to check in and see how everyone is doing and I truly hope I did not suck out too much from all of you while my husband went thru this journey the last year. Update here... Hubbys surgery went great. Home the next day! It's been a few weeks and guess what we went upnorth this weekend.Only the second time this year I only get one weekend off a month, and hubbys work place kept track of all the time he took off for his chemo sessions 6 hours every two weeks, his surgery time etc and told him he had used up his vacation time for this year and was working on his next years time (mind you he has worked for this company for 18 years) so we haven't been able to enjoy the cabin too much this year,we will now,fall is coming and it's beautiful in Michigan. Boy was it nice to just chill and lay on the dock and soak up the sun. Now we are back home and just enjoying the fact that he is clear and he doesn't have to see the doc till December. Our oldest is almost done with school (Sept. 24) and will have his mechanical engineering degree with a concentration in biomedical engineering. We are so proud of him. I can tell you one thing he sure didn't get his smarts from me! All that math! Our other son starts his second year of his criminal justice degree, and me I am going back to school for a nursing degree. Have always wanted to do it so I figured what the heck. And hubby, he just wants to enjoy feeling good. I hope that I can be here to encourge the newbies, but the oldies have so much more experience so hopefully when I do chime in it helps someone out.



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    Good luck working on your degree! I have contemplated the same thing myself though it is more difficult as my kids are still kind of young. Glad to hear things are going well for your hubby,

    Heather and Carl
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    So good to hear your good news. You sounds very peaceful now. Enjoy your life, do what you and hubby want to do and my best to you and family

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    Glad to hear the good news. Keep the faith and enjoy the "fall" season. God Bless,Diane
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    It sounds like things are going well that is great. And I know how great it is to see your kids succeed.

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    Hello Sandy,

    Glad to hear things are going well for you and your husband. And no, you did not suck anything out of anybody. If fact, I'm a little tweaked about that comment from my dear and loving husband - maybe more on that later.

    How nice that you enjoyed a great weekend away, even if it was for just a short time. I'm sure you will have more time in the future. Life after cancer gets better with each day...

    And it's so nice to hear about your boys! You must be so proud!

    Great update, Sandy. Thanks for posting.
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    Good luck on your nursing degree. I got mine when I was 50 (and I wasn't the oldest in the class). I absolutely love being a nurse. 6 weeks after I received my nursing license I was dx with stage 4 colon cancer. (11/04). I'm still fighting the beast(2 relapses), but life has been good and sometimes really hard. I learned as much from being a patient as I did in nursing school. Go for it.

    I read the posts, but normally don't input. Just the quiet type.Everyone has their own style.

    Glad everything is going good for your family.