College Assistance for Survivors?

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I'm starting my first year of college in the next few days, but the tuition is insane and i can only afford a few months with the federal grants I got. I applied for bank loans but they denied me because although my disability counts as income, I have no credit.
When I was 7, I was diagnosed with an ependymoma and i've been dealing with it and the side effects of treatments ever since (i'm 20.) Is there any assistance (loans, scholarships, etc) out there for survivors that can help me out a bit?


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    Hi there,
    I am not sure about this, but I would recommend writing the webmaster of this site, and also try posting on the site It is a site for colon cancer, but it is used by many young people. I think you might find some answers from the people on that site.
    Best wishes,
    Susan H. (31 when diagnosed with colon cancer). I'm 37 now!

    Also, does your school have a financial advisor you could talk to?
    Good luck in college!!
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    Hey, I just found this site for you to check out! I hope it helps.
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    You should check out your college's disability center. Because Cancer can be considered a disability, I would ask them if they can help. Hope everything works out!
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    hi there! the american cancer society has a survivor scholarship you can apply for,at least the do in my state. i was dignosed with a cancerous brain tumor when i was ten, now 27 and a college grad. i got a lot of college scholarships by writing about my cancer experiences,try that it works!!! good luck!