Back on Femara

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Well we are going to give the Femara another try. I really don't want to stop taking it. The risk is worrisome, for not taking it, and worrisome if I do continue to take it. I am walking my fool head off to try and correct the circulation in my leg. It seems somewhat better, but if it does not correct I guess I will have to face more surgery or stenting to correct it. PAD is no fun !!!!
I have been reading all of the comments and subjects this week, and it makes me feel sad that we are all so in need of support, but also so very happy that we do have all of us to depend on for support.
Bless us all


  • Susan956
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    Let me know how your next run with Femara goes... I am currently off the wagon... my feet hurt so bad they are driving me nuts... But I am trying to now get off of Ambien.. (Sleeping pills) because that may be the culprit... that is killing my feet....

    And yes... this is a great place for support... It seems that this is the place to come to get answers and people who understand the path...

    Take Care.... God Bless....