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I went to the Dr. and to make a long story short, I have BC. It's called lobular and it's both ICS and LCIS(I think that is correct). Have to have both breast removed w/radiation. Not sure about cemo. I was soooo upset at first, however, I'm OK with it all now (for now). I'm trying to find a local group of survivors to lean on. Any help on that would be appreciated. You all have a lovely day!!


  • Susan956
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    Hey Jade....

    Hope we can be of some help here... Normally someone may be able to shed some light on some of your issues as you walk this path...

    Take Care.. God Bless...

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    To quote the phrase, "Been there Done that". I have had a mastectomy (from a shrinking breast too) I asked for a mammogram and the rest is history, we are HERE for you anytime! Drop into the chat room, post here, talk to us we know the road your taking, there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and keeping a positive attitude goes a long way to your recovery,
    May God bless you and watch over you now and all thru this journey.

    Love and Hugs
    Ontario Canada
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    Hi Jade!
    "I'm trying to find a local group of survivors to lean on. "
    where do you consider LOCAL?
    Sorry you have join our grp BUT HAPPY that you are a survivor. this is a great group so don't be afraid to ask anything or vent...
    bunches of hugs
    Cindie Georgia
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    Hi, I'm in Fort Worth, TX, is that "local" to you? You have definitely found a great online support group, and you are smart to look for a local group. You can look up a local group on the American Cancer Society website.

    You are in good company...seof
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    Local for me is the computer in the corner of my bedroom and I'm glad I can join this group everytime I have a question or concern to discuss without leaving the house or changing my schedule around again (Dr. visits are bad enough to schedule around!). I'm sorry you had to join our group by getting BC, but welcome anyways! I have LCIS, DCIS, invasive ductal carcinoma, a right mastectomy (we're waiting on the left to mess up!) and lung cancer (no, not a met). I didn't know that LCIS meant that BC might come back on the other side, and now I wish I might have thought more about a bilateral mastectomy. I might have slept better, though I don't stay up as much thinking about it anymore. Good luck with your fight!
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    I also had LCIS and had both breast removed this past march and hopefully had the last reconstruction surgery the beginnning of this month. If you need support, need to ask questions or even let off some steam this is the place to come too. If you need to talk to someone in person I am in a small town outside of Savannah you can call on me anytime.

    Good Luck!!