So what have you done since being diagnosed?

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I always wondered if being diagnosed with a serious illness would change the way I live my life. Would I continue to put off doing what I really want to do, or would I live more in the moment and be a little more hedonistic... less hesitant. I guess I got my chance to find that out when I was dx in 2004. I have to say that I spend a lot less time thinking about things I'd like to do or buy, and a lot more time just doing or buying. I would love to hear what other peoples experiences have been...


  • Hey coug!!!
    I hear ya. I am a lot more spontaneous since cancer too. Maybe a little toooooo spontaneous since my marriage spontaneously combusted. LOL
    Anyway, I find that the world is not gonna end tomorrow if I 'buy that' today or 'go there' next week. Life goes on and I enjoy it a lot more minute by minute than I used to by trying to 'manage' it all in one big lump.
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    I was just diagnosed in April 07 so I am not through this but I know I want something to do after my mid life "crisis".
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    since my Dx in 2004 I have become more patient,Smile lots more at those who aren't,travel more,don't sweat the small stuff,buy more for my grandchildren,send care pkgs to family. Still procrastnate(sp) to some extent(like finding a job hahaha)buy an extra meal and give one to a homeless person. became more religious (for the better!!)
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    I was just diagnosed in April 07 so I am not through this but I know I want something to do after my mid life "crisis".

    Well Melaniesmom, first fight your battle. Then go live your life! I figure we've earned it. So go do something wild and crazy - go on a trip with your girlfriends (the one you always said you'd love to do if...) - plan a romantic holiday with your significant other. Heck, go to Disneyland. I did! LOL
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    Hello All -- the year after I finished treatment, I traveled non-stop. I'd like to say I had the time of my life, but not really. I think it was more like trying to run away, which is understandable after being cooped up in the house for nine months of treatment.

    Now three years out, I don't find that I have that same reckless abandon, but instead have this incredibly intense focus on achieving the goals that I set for myself. I find I have more patience, confidence and accept nothing less than what I want. It's scary because it makes me wonder what I might have acheived if I had this kind of intensity and drive all my life -- I probably would be running a small country by now!

    Stange how this all changes us. While I sometimes feel angry that it happened and took away so much from me, on the other hand, I sometimes find myself looking at others around me smugly as I watch them waste their time, spin their wheels, make excuses, etc. In that sense, I feel so much more "evolved."

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    Wow good question. Good replys. I was diagnosed in 2005 and did the "treatments" in 2006 so it's been one year now. I still get tired a lot, have to work everyday, Mon to Fri and find it hard. But I too go visiting more, can't really travel due to work but evenings and weekends come and I try to do 'something' can't walk much yet but drive and visit more shutins, I have a better respect for shutins and the sick. I get to most church functions and enjoy my church family a lot.
    I visit cousins and go to family reunions changes us....
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    Interesting question, Coug. I have always been silly, yet fiscally conservative, and not prone to impulsive acts. I have also always enjoyed time alone, reading, and being reflective. Cancer certainly hasn't changed any of that! Even though my sweet Reggie is a more than generous soul, and gives me carte blanche to go shopping, etc~I never do. I splurge on pedicures and getting my hair colored once a month, but that's about it!!!!! But come to think of it, that is something I have always done too! So no...I was this Chen before, during and after dx.
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    I was diagnosed in May 2007, still in treatments. I think so far I have found that I enjoy life more and complain less about the little things. I also appreciate the kindness of others more, rather than always trying to do it alone. Not many big changes, though.
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    I'm late to this thread, but think it's an interesting question. I was diagnosed in 2002 and last year I achieved a life's dream -- I went to Africa on safari for 16 days. This was something I'd been dreaming of since I was a teenager and my fantasy had reached somewhat epic proportions. But after my bout with cancer, I started saving in earnest (it's not a cheap trip!) and last year I made my fantasy come true. Amazingly the reality was even better than anything I could have imagined. Maybe that's my answer to your question -- my diagnosis gave me the determination to make things happen in my life and not to wait around just thinking about them.
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    diagnosed in 2003; I finally STOPPED talking about cancer lol
    I live in the NOW and try to be a better person.
    more positive