Good news from a stage 4

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I just had my 1-year colonoscopy on Monday, and it came back clear as well. Now there's just the CT scan next month to get past. It will be my first after being off chemo for 3 months. I had a liver resection in Feb 07 and colon surgery in Sept of 06. While its still a long fight, I have hope, and faith. All you stage 3 and 4's hang in there and best wishes and prayers to you all.


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    That is AWESOME!!!...I have a father with stage 4 and this brings me tremedous hope.
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    Yaaaayyyyyy!!!! I am so happy for you! Keep the faith.
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    That is great news. I know how difficult it is to get past these tests. My father goes for his follow-up CAT scan next Monday and I am a mess. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well.

    God bless,

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    that is so great for you. i was just diagnosised june 07 with stage 4 . this gives me soooo much hope and more hope :):) thank you
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    Great news! It is so wonderful to get good results from these awful tests.
    Funny though, I haven't been asked to have a colonoscopy since I had my surgery in '05. I have CT scans every 6 mo. and have been NED with stage iv since surgery. What kind of follow-up do the rest of you have? I'm wondering why the difference. Not that I mind not having a conlonoscopy, just curious.
    Jo Ann
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    Great news. Prayers for an unremarkable CT! God Bless, Diane
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    Wonderful news..Stay healthy, I will keep you in my thoughts, Audrey