My Mom's CT Scan

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My mom had breast cancer 6.5 years ago. Had full masectomy, node negative, 6 treatments of chemo. From what I can gether she was er-. Was told that tamoxifin was not helpful for her type of early state breast cancer. Went every 3 months for follow-up for first 4 years and the last 2 years was 6 mos and 1 year. All blood work was normal. Bone scans, mammograms and chest x-ray was all normal. Now 6.5 years later, she is having a ct scan by her primary doctor for a patch of fluid build under her right breast area (same side as masectomy). Her oncologist told her to follow up with her G.P. I'm freaking out thinking it is liver mets. She has no discomfort and does not hurt. I guess I just need prayers for her test to come back all clear.


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    Dear KM, I just said a prayer for your Mom and Gods time, all will work out.I was told I had bone cancer after my mastectomy by my family GP, seen the Oncologist for a scan and it was NOTHING THERE....after prayer I might add. I believe and Gods good....may His will be done and may you find His peace while undergoing testing....thank God there are tests to be had...

    My prayers are with you hon.
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    Prayers sent...don't react until the facts are in!

    Where are you getting liver mets from? Was this ever a thought 6 years ago? Fluid buildup is a bit different than that...wait and see..

    Hugs, kathi
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    The Dr.'s office just called. My mom's ct scan showed that she has gallstones. Never in my life did I think that gallstones would turn out to be a blessing. She goes Monday to see the surgeon about having them removed. Please keep the prayers going!
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    I haven't posted in a few days... but glad to see that you got good news.... Isn't it wonderful.... that it is just Gallstones.... everyone else except for us would react with such relief...

    Just added my prayers to your chain... hopefully all will go well... and your Mom will be feeling great again in no time...