Opinions about Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer Center

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Hi. I'm interested in finding out about peoples' experiences at Johns Hopkins Ovarian Cancer Center. My mom is under the care of a gynecologic oncologist in Northern Indiana, but we are considering getting a 2nd opinion from a tertiary cancer center. Johns Hopkins is nationally recognized in their treatment of cancer, and we'd like more information about their ovarian cancer program. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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    I think US News Report just rated them No. 1. I rely on a book named A Guide to Survivorship for Women with Ovarian Cancer by Montz and Bristow for a reference that is published by John Hopkins Press. I was dx March 2 and use Texas Oncology and my treatment has followed that books reccomendations right down the line so far. I'm too far to get treatment there but you might check out this book. I ordered mine from the internet.